Support Offshore Wind Energy Efforts to Save Endangered Turtles

While drastic climate changes along our Atlantic coast are enabling residents to enjoy longer summer vacations, recent weather phenomenons are threatening the endangered loggerhead sea turtles who call this region home.

Rising Atlantic temperatures are causing fewer eggs of the turtles to produce males. Rising temperatures bias the sex ratio of turtles towards females because temperatures during incubation determines the sex of the egg.  The loggerhead turtle species are already producing an approximated 90% female species due to temperature increases.

If this trend continues, entire populations of turtles along the southern coast will be entirely female. Even with very slight temperature increases of a couple degrees, no males turtle will be born in this region at all.

It’s no secret that the fossil fuel industry is funding initiatives to prevent the growth of clean injury. However, to ensure that loggerhead turtles and other species in the region are preserved, we must ensure that offshore wind plays a major role in the energy future along the Atlantic coast.

Sign the below petition to encourage the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to speed up efforts to develop offshore wind energy, ensuring the survival of some of our most treasured species.

*Please sign the petition on Force Change.


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