Save Appalachia’s Blair Mountain From Destruction

One of Appalachia’s most important historic landmarks Blair Mountain, is at risk of being destroyed due to mountaintop coal mining initiatives. In fact, mining companies plan to demolish the largest organized armed uprising in American labor history.

Blair MountainBlair Mountain commemorates the brave men and women who risked their lives for a movement that has brought Americans the labor laws relevant today. In 1921, the largest labor insurrection in US History ensued at this site when 10,000 coal miners fought for five days against a coal-operator backed military army.

Five different surface mining permits currently threaten Blair Mountain and national banks continue to fund mining companies planning the destruction of the battlefield and surrounding communities. Mountaintop removal mining is the most destructive form of coal mining and has been referred to as ‘strip mining on steroids’.  This practice will not only wipe out a historic landmark for future generations, but it will also annihilate the region’s ecosystems and  exterminate the plants and animals native to the region.

Efforts to protect this beautiful mountainous region are spearheaded by the Blair Mountain Heritage Alliance. This worthwhile cause needs your support to urge West Virginia’s government and the coal mining industries that the destruction of Blair Mountain is irresponsible and unacceptable.

Photo credit: Bob Peace

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