A Cloud a Day Project

How many days go by
Eyes fixed to the ground
Glued to a screen
Hazed and dazed
‘Til it’s time to close

What if instead
They looked up
To notice what’s there
Beyond the familiar bubble
Perchance to dream

Clouds change every day
Based on where you look
What place you’re in
What nature is doing
Where your mind drifts

Just sitting up there
Waiting to be noticed
To be admired
To be imagined
To be fantasized about

A cloud a day
Is a fine place to start
To be more mindful
To remember to look around
To find inspiration in unlikely places

October 1

Epic belly flop into the swimming pool

October 2

That embarrassing rash you’ll never see a dermatologist about

October 3

Hammerbutt shark blowing its nose

October 4

Dad’s new toupĂ©e 

October 5

Ocean waves pushing the mountains aside

October 6

Alternate universe in motion

October 7

Zig-zag swivel swirl

October 8

Echoes through the void

October 9

Snowflakes that aren’t really snowflakes

October 10

All doggies go to heaven

October 11

Last blurry light before it disappears forever

October 12

The weighted blanket

October 13

Checkmarks the spot

October 14

Dragon breath smells awful

October 15

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

October 16

“New Mexico has too many sunny days” – said no one ever

October 17

“Later ‘gator” to your favorite new friend moving onto a sailboat

October 18

The kind of shame I’m not ashamed of

October 19

Too many options at the Paleta Bar

October 20

When sunrise looks just like sunset but in the opposite direction

October 21

Empanadas at midnight (but not really midnight)

October 22


October 23

Clouds of a feather flock together

October 24

Attack of the mountain dragon when nobody wins

October 25

Sticks and stones may break my bones

October 26

“Pink is my favorite color” – Aerosmith

October 27

Palak paneer…medium-spicy, please

October 28

It’s not a “Magic Eye” puzzle

October 29

The gradient waltz when no one can dance

October 30

Fireworks to kick off the morning with a bang

October 31

Skidmarks peeling out of the grocery store parking lot on a Tuesday afternoon

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